March 9th, 2019 – Sex, Death, Random Violence, and Wee-wee: The Real Story of the Sky.

Join us for our next meeting as Tom Burns, former director of Perkins Observatory, discusses a peripatetic (i.e., “rambling”) tour of the ancient myths connected with the stars and planets from various cultures. We’ll look at our very human concerns as they are reflected in the starry vault. Come for the stories. Come to get a startlingly different view of the night sky.  Come for the weirdly inspirational content. Come for the free donuts.

Not-so-brief bio: Professor (yes, that’s right, believe it or not) Tom Burns has been a member of the CAS for a very, very long time. He is a two-time winner of the Bud Stewart Award and was deeply honored to receive the Jane Gann Lifetime Achievement Award a few years back. Currently, he is the club Secretary. 

He directed Perkins Observatory for a quarter of a century. He has participated in thousands of public astronomy programs over the decades. He has been writing a weekly column on stargazing, first for the Columbus Dispatch and now for the Delaware Gazette, for 32 years. 

He is old and tired, but he still manages to teach a couple of classes at Ohio Wesleyan University every year. His semi-retired teaching load includes a class in Popular Science Writing, in which there is occasionally even a reference to the science of astronomy.