Feb 8th, 2020 – ExtraPLanet detection

Exoplanets, planets that orbit a star other than our own Sun. In tonight’s presentation we will talk about the history of the detection of these planets, the tools that have been used to detect them and how we, as amateur astronomers can use our own instruments to detect them. Please join us as long time member, officer, astrophotographer, citizen scientist, and electrical engineer, Isaac Cruz presents on this exciting topic!

Society Member Isaac Cruz

Isaac Cruz’s Bio:
Retired Electrical Engineer
Past President of CAS
Leads the CAS imaging group CASIS
Lectured at CAS, OSU, Otterbein University, Metropolitan University at Puerto Rico
Passionate astrophotographer.  Work published in various magazines and books.
Citizen Scientist, with published research and exploration work done on variable stars, eclipsing binaries, exoplanets and lately, extragalactic supernova search in cooperation with OSU.