September 12, 2020 – Mars: The Red Planet

We welcome CAS member Adaline Cooper to give our upcoming virtual lecture. Adaline is a freshman undergraduate student at the Ohio State University doing a combined Master’s in Chinese Language and Literature, with an undergraduate major in Astronomy, Physics, and Chinese. Her Chinese is self-taught and she is planning to conduct her master’s Astronomy research overseas in a Chinese speaking country. She is interested in studying Radio Astronomy and Optics. In her free time, Adaline is learning how to play guitar.

Please join us for our next meeting, “Mars: The Red Planet” on September 12th at 8pm. Adaline will talk about Martian moons, observation techniques and interesting astronomical and geological phenomena.

This meeting will be hosted on Zoom and broadcast live through the Columbus Astronomical Society Facebook page.

A recording of this presentation can be found on the CAS YouTube page: