November 14th – Elvis on Mars!: A Journey Through Our Weird and Wonderful Perceptions of the Red(ish) Planet

Since 1984, Tom Burns has been a Professor in the Department of English at Ohio Wesleyan University, where he teaches writing courses. Now, semi-retired, he still teaches a couple of courses a year.

Starting in 1993, he was Director of OWU’s Perkins Observatory, where he split his time between administrative duties and an average of 150 public programs every year. He retired from his post at Perkins on July 31, 2018. He continues to volunteer at the John Glenn Astronomy Park.

He has written a weekly column on astronomy for various newspapers for 32 years. He has developed lifelong interests in stargazing, eastern and western philosophy, the art of friendly persuasion, the mythology of the sky, movies made before 1958, and long-distance hiking.

On the latter point, during a dull stretch of trail, he recently calculated that he has walked over 43,000 miles. Only 7,000 or so to go before he has walked the equivalent of two Earth circumnavigations.

His daughter Krishni is teaching in the Classics Department at the
University of Illinois. His son Orion shares his interests in movies. He
has been married to his long-suffering wife Sue, a retired law librarian, for 46 years. Over the years, he has shared with his family four dogs, eight, no, nine cats, three ferrets, two gerbils, a guinea pig, two
hamsters, and two bunnies as pets.

His long-term goal is to get more sleep.

Join us for Tom’s talk: “Elvis on Mars!: A Journey Through Our Weird and Wonderful Perceptions of the Red(ish) Planet.” on November 14th at 8pm. Tom warns, “no one will be spared, not even that Johannes Kepler guy!”

This meeting will be hosted on Zoom and broadcast live through the Columbus Astronomical Society Facebook page.

A recording of this talk can be found on the CAS YouTube page: