December 12, 2020: CAS Holiday Party

Dear CAS Members,

Bring your instruments to our virtual winter party, where we will have our yearly elections, an award/acknowledgement ceremony (official awards will be presented as soon as we have an effective and widely distributed COVID vaccine). We will also continue our tradition of Astronomy Jeopardy hosted by Brad Hoehne who has advertised it as follows: “As has been our tradition for the past 18 years, you will be subjected to a blistering game of high-intensity questioning (or is it answering) on an assortment matters astronomical. The game will take place on Twitch, which has a faster response time than Facebook live (don’t worry, it’s very easy to use) and will be re-streamed through our Zoom meeting.”  

Join us Saturday, December 12th at 6pm on Zoom for our 2020 Holiday Party. (Contestants and scorekeepers should try to arrive early to get set up on Twitch.)

Beautifully photoshopped image from Brad Hoehne portrays a scene of how the award ceremony could have been, if it hadn’t been virtual.