January 12th, 2020:Eclipse Fever and Corona Virus

Bill Kramer is a former CAS President who is still probably the tallest standing president of the CAS ever, he is an avid eclipse chaser having seen 17 out of 18 total solar eclipses chased. He retired from his own consulting business in 2008 and moved to a warmer latitude. He currently resides in both Orlando Florida and Negril Jamaica. He has a 20cm reflector in Negril and relatively dark sky allowing him to enjoy star hopping. In Orlando he uses an 80mm LUNT Hydrogen-alpha to observe the Sun.

Bill is going to discuss the recent eclipse, some observations from friends that took a YOLO approach to it and went. Take a comical look at the various options people considered (some realistic and others no-so) to get to this eclipse. Then turn to future eclipses and what it will require to see them. I want to focus on the annular eclipse in 2023 and total in 2024 as they cross the USA. The 2024 actually goes over Ohio (early April though) so some talk about that is in order.