About our Logo

The Meaning of our logo

Our logo was designed by long time CAS member, Brad Hoehne. Brad is a past president of CAS and is currently the Editor of our monthly publication, “Prime Focus.” At Present, Brad is also the director of John Glenn Astronomy Park, located at Hocking Hills State Park.

These are the elements of the logo:

1947 was the year of CAS’s founding

The stars in the background form the constellations Cepheus and Cassiopeia. The bright “star” at the position of Columbus is the position of the most recent known Milky-way supernova:  Cassiopeia A, which is marked on the star charts as “CAS A.” This is appropriate for our commonly used acronym.

The Ohio outline has been modified slightly to look like trees bordering the night horizon.

The background coloration mimics the gradient in the sky near the horizon.

The circular logo, with the dark background, mimics the appearance of the view through a telescope eyepiece.