Grieser Field

Grieser Field

Grieser Field is located Southeast of Duncan Falls and Northeast of McConnelsville. It is a primitive area with no restrooms or electric power. The land which was once part of Ohio Power, has been turned over to the State of Ohio. Camping is no longer allowed at this site and no open fires. If you plan to stay all night, you may sleep in your car to get some rest before you hit the road.

You must call ahead and the site cannot be used during Deer Gun Season. A complete list of all rules, contacts, lock combination, directions and the “Use Permit” can be found on our site. Be sure to print the Use Permit and call ahead.

Failure to follow all the rules could result in our loss of use of the site.

Go to our site and open the file:  Grieser Field Information-Directions and Use Permit. You must print the Use Permit and have it on you and your CAS I.D. card.

Thank you and clear skies,

Jim Varadi, CAS President