Our Loaner Program

Our Loaner Program

We do have a Loaner Program and several items have been loaned out in a trial program. We have a few kinks to work out, but the program does work.

We do need assistance in one area and that is preparing a couple of telescopes for use by the members. These are mostly Newtonian scopes that have not been properly cared for and they have an accumulation of dust on the primary mirrors. It is not a big job, but none the less, help would be appreciated. Should any member like to volunteer to help, please contact me through the “Contact Us” tab on this site.

We purchased one astrophotography camera and a solar scope. We have several reflector scopes and a couple of refractors. All scopes need a small amount of work before they can be loaned out.

The program is intended to work as follows: A member that wants to use a scope will contact us and request a scope by email. they will then pick the scope up at the next Membership Meeting. They will be required to sign for the scope and any accessories and agree to the terms of the loan. They will be allowed to use the scope until the next Membership Meeting, when they must return the scope in proper working condition, ready for the next person to use.

The solar scope requires a short training class before it can be loaned. We will be offering classes for those who may want to use it. However, the solar scope will be handled in a slightly different manner. It was purchased for CAS to use during daytime programs for the public. The scope must be available for us to use in our public outreach programs. There are time, we may have to require the scope be returned to us before the next Membership Meeting. Should that happen, we will do everything we can to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the member who may have the scope. We would come to you or meet you to return the scope to us. We would also check for any requests of the solar scope for a program and would inform you, hopefully before you pick-up the scope for loan.

Members will be kept posted as to the progress on the “Loaner” program.

Thank you and clear skies!

Jim Varadi VAS President