Infirmary Mound Park

Infirmary Mound Park

Infirmary Mound Park is located in western Licking County, about 25 minutes east of Columbus. The land is flat with very good horizons and three locations to observe from. Restrooms are available and located very close to the observing areas. Although Camping is not allowed, if you plan to observe all night, they will allow you to pitch a tent to get some sleep or you can sleep in your car to get some rest. You may use a Coleman stove to cook breakfast, but open fires of any kind are not allowed. They do have a large fire ring in the area where you would be sleeping, but it is for their use only.

Special rules do apply. For the contact person’s name and number, and printable list of rules and permits which you must print and have with you, please go to our home page and sign in. once signed in, on the left side of the page you will find an area called “Files”. Click on it and it will bring up a list of files. There are two separate files. One file is about the rules for Infirmary Mound Park and the other file is the “Use and “Vehicle” permits for Licking District Parks, which you must print and have with you. Be sure to print both the “Use Permit” and the “Vehicle Permit” and have them with you. The “Vehicle” permit must be on the dash of your car for officers to easily view. Be sure to read and follow all rules! Failure to follow the rules could result in our loss of using the park.

Infirmary Mound Park information and rules – file is on the site

Use and Vehicle permits are in the Licking Parks District Permits – file is on the site

Thank you and clear skies!

Jim Varadi, CAS President